Synthetic Marijuana and Pregnancy

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Synthetic Marijuana and Pregnancy

Not much has been known about synthetic marijuana since it made its debut a few years ago. But more and more is coming out and one of the newest and biggest reports right now are the new findings dealing with synthetic marijuana and pregnancy. A case study was presented at the Annual clinical Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that indicated that pregnant women who use synthetic marijuana could experience symptoms which might be harmful not only to the unborn fetus but also the mother.

Research was done pretty recently by Dr. Cindy S. Lee and Dr. Sally Nalesnik from Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, CA. The research involved a pregnant woman who came into delivery and was also agitated. The woman was 35 weeks pregnant and had not received any prenatal care up to that point. The woman’s blood pressure was high and she had protein in her urine. Both high blood pressure and protein in the urine are actually signs of preeclampsia. The woman ended up need a cesarean section instead of a vaginal delivery because of the distress the fetus was in. Luckily the doctors were successful in delivering the baby. The woman tested negative for drugs and usually preeclampsia starts to diminish or is cured after the baby is delivered. This woman’s preeclampsia didn’t get better after the delivery. Dr. Lee said in a news release that “it was interesting yet confusing. We wanted to report it so in the future if something came up, it would be in the literature and physicians could refer to it.”

The lab results of the woman indicated very low potassium levels. The results of her urine test were negative but an anonymous caller told the doctors that the woman was a regular smoker of Spice Gold. Spice Gold is the name of a certain brand of synthetic marijuana. That is when the doctors realized it wasn’t a problem with the pregnancy but a drug problem. This kind of thing can be a big problem for physicians because synthetic marijuana doesn’t show up on urine screens.

Synthetic marijuana has many reports of being more dangerous than actual marijuana so we can only imagine what it would do to an expecting a mother. A pregnant woman shouldn’t smoke marijuana much less something touted to be more dangerous such as synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is a mixture of spices and herbs which you can spray making use of a synthetic compound which produces effects which are similar to the effect that THC produces. This is a psychoactive ingredient which is present in marijuana. Federal laws and some state laws have banned such chemical compounds due to the adverse cannabis effects. Still drug makers are clever enough to make use of other synthetic cannabinoids which are yet to be banned so that they do not violate the existing drug laws.

Unfortunately part of the biggest danger concerning pregnancy and synthetic marijuana is the unknown.


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