Sexual Abuse and Alcohol

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Sexual Abuse and Alcohol

Sexual Abuse and Alcohol

Working in the addiction treatment industry, I’d heard a lot about sexual abuse. Usually, I’d hear from the victims. It seemed like an inordinately large number of drug addicts and alcoholics had endured sexual abuse at some time. Either the sexual abuse had happened early, and the guilt and shame had fueled the addiction, or they had ended up in unsafe situations during their addiction. Very rarely you would hear about sexual abuse from the perpetrator, but the stigma associated with being a sexual abuser is so negative, that few would ever admit to it.

Sexual Abuse and Alcohol: How closely are sexual abuse and alcohol linked?

Some studies suggest that up to 30% of sexual assaults involve alcohol on the part of the perpetrator. I think it’s important to note, though, that alcohol causes people to commit sexual assault. Some may think that people commit sexual assault only because they are drunk, and that alcohol treatment and sobriety would prevent them from doing so. Alcohol does not cause sexual assault any more than putting gasoline in a car would cause you to drive to a friend’s house. Gasoline makes it easier to do, but it is not the cause. Much like alcohol and sexual abuse are not cause and effect. Alcohol just makes it easier because it lowers inhibitions.

Someone once told me that when he first got into a 12-step program, he would have told people that he beat his wife because he was drunk. Later, he said, he would admit that he drank so that he could beat his wife. Alcohol did not excuse or explain the abuse. Rather it acted as a permission slip. It was his way to try to avoid responsibility for the abuse.

Sexual Abuse and Alcohol: What about the victims?

It is true that a lot of the victims of sexual assault are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the act occurs. Sometimes, judgment is impaired by drinking. We may go home with someone we don’t know or pass out in a strange place. That said, sexual abuse is never okay. It is never justified. Alcohol just makes it easier for the perpetrator because the victim is less able to defend themselves. Sexual abusers may target these kinds of victims because it is easier for them to get away with it.

Sexual Abuse and Alcohol: Does sexual abuse cause alcoholism?

Sexual abuse does not cause alcoholism or addiction. Many alcoholics or addicts have endured sexual abuse, but it is not a causal relationship. It’s possible that sexual abuse pushes some alcoholics and addicts into using and drinking more heavily or from a younger age, but it is not the cause. Sexual abuse, however, can inhibit an alcoholic or drug addict from getting help. They may harbor resentments for the abuse and use it as an excuse to keep using or drinking. It is a way to avoid responsibility for drug use and drinking, and to keep using and drinking despite negative consequences.

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