Mother and Daughter Issues in Addiction

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Mother and Daughter Issues in Addiction

Mother and Daughter Issues in Addiction

Mother and daughter relationships are some of the most complex and diverse relationships there are. Some mothers and daughters are best friends and some talk once a week whiles others have volatile relationships where they don’t talk to each other for years on end. Some mothers and daughters talk about everything and some avoid conflict like the plague. Most relationships between mothers and daughters encompass a little bit of all these aspects.

When there are mother and daughter issues in addiction it can make this complex relationship even trickier. Whatever the relationship between a mother and daughter is there are ways to make improvements on it even in addiction. Here are some ways to work on mother and daughter issues in addiction.

  1. For mother and daughter issues in addiction it is good for someone to make the first move. Without anyone taking the initial action to try and repair the relationship it will stay stuck the way it is and has been with the addicted person. Each person should think about how they want to improve the relationship regardless of the addiction.
  2. Mother and daughter issues in addiction usually stem from the two trying to change each other. What a mother and daughter should try to do to work through issues is try to change them. A mother is not chained to her daughter’s actions and vice versa.
  3. Whether it is the mother or the daughter that is beginning to recover from addiction it is important that they have realistic expectations of each other on their journey through working through any issues.
  4. Communication is key for mother and daughter issues in addiction. The one who is addicted and beginning to recover should try to communicate as clearly and kindly as they can what is going on with them without the expectation of what the response is going to be. Lack of communication is a very common problem with mothers and daughters dealing with addiction.
  5. Just like communication is a key for mother and daughter issues in addiction so is listening. Both mothers and daughters feel like they are not being listened to. So whatever issues in addiction are going on it is important that mothers and daughters listen to each other without judgment and try to practice unconditional love.
  6. Mothers and daughters with issues in addiction should always try to put themselves in each other shoes. Doing this allows a mother or daughter to see where the other person is coming from and what the other person may be dealing with. Everyone has their own personal issues outside of the relationships they have. If mothers and daughters can realize this they can work on the issues they have between each other.
  7. Set boundaries. This is especially important when dealing with anyone who is in addiction or trying to recover. Setting boundaries simply means setting standards for yourself and what you are ok with and not letting up on that. Mothers and daughters are both individual human beings regardless of their relation and should have their own personal boundaries to deal with any issues in addiction recovery.

Mother and daughter issues in addiction are not easy ones to overcome but they can be with effort put in by both parties. With a little work mothers and daughters can have adult relationships that are healthy and no longer tainted by the disease of addiction.



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