Getting back in shape through recovery

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Getting back in shape through recovery

Getting back in shape through recovery

Getting back in shape through recovery can be fairly simple if you just apply the principles of action and accountability with yourself. Getting back in shape through recovery is all about a balancing act that takes patience, endurance, perseverance, and a healthy mind set.

For those who may suffer from eating disorders in recovery it can be hard to find a balance of healthy food choices and exercising because it can lead to a relapse with their eating disorder if taken to any kind of extreme.

As we get more clean time in recovery we begin to want to make healthy choices for ourselves because we have never made healthy choices before. Not only that but we realize the havoc we have wreaked on our bodies throughout our drinking and using careers. If you want to get back in shape through recovery the best place to start is with a little bit of exercise.

Get outside and start going for walks. It is recommended that everyone get a least 30 minutes of exercise a day. This can mean going for a walk, bike riding, going to the gym, taking the dog out, etc. This is a great place to start, just like we go easy on ourselves while working steps, we also go easy on ourselves and our bodies as we begin getting back in shape in recovery.

Find exercises that fit your and your personality. For many of us trying to get back into shape in recovery, yoga, is a great outlet to get exercise and also find meditation. A lot of people getting back in shape through recovery also choose to do classes such as Pilates, Zumba, and even Crossfit. If you can afford to do this in your recovery this is great because it gives you a set schedule and keep you accountable you just have to show up.

Eating healthy is probably one of the most important aspects of getting back in shape through recovery. As drug addicts and alcoholics we are very used to eating whatever is in front of us because it’s easy, available, cheap or fulfilling a craving for food. Today we don’t have to eat like that. A lot of times eating unhealthy like we did in our addiction can lead to more long term serious problems such as diabetes, heart problems, and other problems. Eating healthy just merely starts with going to the grocery store instead of eating out all the time. Go to the grocery store and figure out what fruits and veggies you like. Buy food that comes straight from the ground, learn some new recipes you like and cook for yourself.

Getting back in shape through recovery is fun and party of a healthy lifestyle choice that can help you look and feel great about yourself in the best way possible. Getting back in shape through recovery is restoring your body to the way it should be and that’s happy, healthy, glowing, and fulfilled.

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