The grounds and structures are continually inspected by representatives of many state and federal agencies. Drug detoxification and treatment facilities are among the most carefully scrutinized sites and programs in the modern world because of their literal “life and death” nature. It’s extremely important to us for you to be assured that when you choose Women’s Treatment Center for your detoxification program, and you have made the right choice!

Women are typically the caregivers in our society although there have been changes in such roles in the past decade. Women tend to pay more attention to the ways in which a facility and program like ours meets the physical and emotional needs of clients of all ages. Our professional staff – ranging from physicians, nurses and counselors to housekeeping and meal providers – takes pride in our work and we take your needs very seriously.  In addition to your front-line detox plan, you’ll find that our atmosphere is caring, serene and easy-going; our living areas are clean and comfortable, our meals pleasant and nutritious, and our staff is never too busy to exchange a warm, personal greeting with you or to answer your questions. You can depend upon us to be there when you need us.

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