Drug Rehabs for Mothers

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Drug Rehabs for Mothers

Addiction affects 1 in 7 people and some put the number at as many as 1 in 3 people. Addiction does not discriminate. It crosses socioeconomic and ethnic lines; not just the poor or minorities. That being said, addiction can affect the lives of mothers: women who are supposed to be caring, nurturing, and responsible for innocent children.  

Traditional Drug Rehabs for Mothers

Unfortunately, many women lose custody of their children because of drug addiction. Those with a real desire to get better and stay sober can work toward getting their children back. Currently, mothers get help after their children have been taken from them by the authorities.

In order to get their kids back, they can attend a drug detox and rehab program. There are drug rehabs for mothers that will work with social services so that mothers are able to visit with their kids on a regular basis while in treatment. After rehab, also called inpatient treatment, a mother will most likely go to intensive outpatient, or day therapy, as she slowly rejoins society. And after outpatient, the mother must attend support groups and further counseling. She will most likely have to take parenting classes and keep in contact with social workers. All this time, her kids are in foster care. She must complete these things in order to be reunited with her children.

The ultimate goal is to return the children to the care of their mother however, it can be a log process before that happens which has proven to be detrimental to the children as well as the relationship between mother and child.

The New Face of Drug Rehabs for Mothers

There is a nationally recognized program of drug rehabs for mothers called the Family Rehabilitation Program (FRP). Drug rehabs for mothers, like FRP, give drug addicted mothers treatment while their kids stay with them, instead of going into foster care. A 1999 study by the National Drug Rehabilitation Institute found that programs for drug rehabs for mothers had higher success rates than traditional treatment and that few children–less than 5 percent at one typical agency–ended up in foster care. This combination of treatment and nurturing makes FRPs surprisingly successful at keeping moms off drugs and kids out of foster care.

Some drug rehabs for mothers specialize specifically in mothers of young children. These facilities allow children to come for supervised visits or even allow children to live at the facility with their mothers. This approach to treatment allows the mother and child to work on their relationship while the mother also works on her sobriety. Drug rehabs for mothers also usually offer special programs and therapy for the children, because their mother’s addiction affects children tremendously.


The Goal of Drug Rehabs for Mothers

Drug rehabs for mothers are for women who have been addicted in the past or are at a high risk for relapse due to poor coping skills and the many stressors that come with motherhood. Drug rehabs for mothers provide an intensive program for children ages infant to twelve years old along with a program for the mothers to help them develop parenting skills.













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