Drug Rehab for my Daughter –One Mother’s Story

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Rehab, Women, Women’s Luxury Treatment Programs |

When my daughter was born, it was the happiest day of my life. She was such a sweet child, always smiling and laughing. She was my little helper around the house, helping me cook, changing her little brother’s diapers. She loved to hold him and pretend he was hers. I didn’t think I’d ever be searching for drug rehab for my daughter.

During her teenage years, things started to change. She didn’t hang around the house as much, and she no longer shared every moment of her day with me. Still, there was nothing alarming about her behavior. I thought it was normal teenage behavior. During her senior year, I caught her smoking pot. I grounded her and we had a long talk about drugs, but I thought it was just a phase.

She went off to college the next year, and I started to notice that things were amiss. She stopped answering my calls. Her college was nearby, and in the beginning, she came home about once a month to do her laundry and eat home cooked meals.   Slowly, those visits became less and less frequent. Whenever I did see her, she looked terrible. We got a call from the school during the second semester. They wanted some information on where to send a refund check-apparently, my daughter had dropped all of her classes. She was put on academic probation, and eventually failed out.  My husband insisted she move back home, and later that week, she did.

The first time I was cleaning her room, I found needles. When I confronted her about it, she lied and said they weren’t hers. At first I felt relief, but upon thinking about it more, I knew I needed to find a drug rehab for my daughter. I couldn’t sleep at night, thinking the worst. I was afraid the phone was going to ring one evening and there would be someone on the other end, telling me she was dead.

I did a lot of research trying to find drug rehab for my daughter. I wanted to find the best place possible before we staged the intervention. If she agreed to go, I wanted it to be all set up, so she wouldn’t change her mind.

I searched the web for drug rehab for my daughter. I found a long term, women’s only treatment center that specialized in heroin addiction.

When we finally sat her down, I was prepared for battle. I would not continue to enable her to use drugs, and neither would the rest of the family. To my surprise, she ended up agreeing to go right away. She knew she had hit her bottom. She knew she needed help.

Drug rehab for my daughter was the best gift I could ever ask for. Today, my daughter is clean and sober and happy. She has gone back to school, and wants to work in the field of addiction. My family is whole again.

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