Synthetic Marijuana and Pregnancy

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Synthetic Marijuana and Pregnancy Not much has been known about synthetic marijuana since it made its debut a few years ago. But more and more is coming out and one of the newest and biggest reports right now are the new findings dealing with synthetic marijuana and pregnancy. A case study was presented at the Annual clinical Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that indicated that pregnant women who use synthetic marijuana could experience symptoms which might be...

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Drug Treatment for Pregnant Women

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Drug treatment for pregnant women The need for drug treatment for pregnant women is high. Prenatal care and drug treatment can help ensure healthy babies and prevent the developmental and behavioral problems caused by alcohol and other drugs in pregnant women. Infant mortality and drug and alcohol addicted babies is directly linked to the quality of prenatal care the mothers received. Low-income families sometimes do not have access to or they don’t seek health care. Birth defects,...

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The dangers of drinking while pregnant

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There are multiple dangers of drinking while pregnant. It is common knowledge in today’s society that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol should be stopped once you become pregnant. The biggest danger of drinking while pregnant are that it can be very harmful to your baby and may even cause lifelong health conditions. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause dangers such as: Miscarriage Preterm Birth Stillbirth The dangers of drinking while pregnant happen because when you drink...

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