Mother and Daughter Issues

Drug Rehabs for Mothers

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Drug Rehabs for Mothers Addiction affects 1 in 7 people and some put the number at as many as 1 in 3 people. Addiction does not discriminate. It crosses socioeconomic and ethnic lines; not just the poor or minorities. That being said, addiction can affect the lives of mothers: women who are supposed to be caring, nurturing, and responsible for innocent children.   Traditional Drug Rehabs for Mothers Unfortunately, many women lose custody of their children because of drug addiction. Those...

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Mother and Daughter Issues in Addiction

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Mother and Daughter Issues in Addiction Mother and daughter relationships are some of the most complex and diverse relationships there are. Some mothers and daughters are best friends and some talk once a week whiles others have volatile relationships where they don’t talk to each other for years on end. Some mothers and daughters talk about everything and some avoid conflict like the plague. Most relationships between mothers and daughters encompass a little bit of all these aspects. When...

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