Sexual Abuse and Addiction

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Sexual Abuse and Addiction Sexual abuse and addiction have been found to have many links to one another. This is especially true of childhood sexual abuse and addiction. Childhood sexual abuse is a general term used to describe any adult behavior that coerces or forces a child into sexual activity, or frames a child in a sexual context. When adults with no history of childhood sexual abuse are compared to adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse, the adults with a history of childhood...

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Alcohol Induced Depression

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Alcohol Induced Depression If you’re an alcoholic, you probably have noticed mood problems or those close to you have noticed your mood problems. And you may be tempted to say, ‘Well, I drink a lot because I’m depressed.’ You may be right, but it’s even more likely that you’re depressed because you drink a lot. Alcohol Induced Depression Alcohol is a type of drug known as a depressant. This means that it inhibits certain receptors in the brain and the result of this is that there...

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Addiction: Men vs. Women

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Addiction: Men vs. Women Men and women, equally end up trying a addictive substance at some point during their life regardless if it is alcohol, nicotine, or illicit drugs at some point. Some of those men and women become dependent and are unable to have just one cigarette or the occasional beer. Why is this? Well, the answer to the question may be different for men than it is women. Long considered a man’s problem, addiction related illnesses are responsible for the deaths of 200,000 women a...

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5 Signs You May be Codependent

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5 Signs You May be Codependent It can be really difficult for people to accept that they are codependent. Accepting codependency is a lot like someone accepting that they are an addict except the addiction is with a person. People can become addicted to a number of things such as gambling, sex and food and also people or relationships and that addiction is called codependency. Codependency can happen in any type of relationship where there is one spouse totally enmeshed with the other. Since...

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Sexual Abuse and Alcohol

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Sexual Abuse and Alcohol Working in the addiction treatment industry, I’d heard a lot about sexual abuse. Usually, I’d hear from the victims. It seemed like an inordinately large number of drug addicts and alcoholics had endured sexual abuse at some time. Either the sexual abuse had happened early, and the guilt and shame had fueled the addiction, or they had ended up in unsafe situations during their addiction. Very rarely you would hear about sexual abuse from the perpetrator, but the...

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The dangers of drinking while pregnant

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There are multiple dangers of drinking while pregnant. It is common knowledge in today’s society that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol should be stopped once you become pregnant. The biggest danger of drinking while pregnant are that it can be very harmful to your baby and may even cause lifelong health conditions. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause dangers such as: Miscarriage Preterm Birth Stillbirth The dangers of drinking while pregnant happen because when you drink...

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