Adolescent Girls

Childhood Abuse and Food Addiction

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Abusive Relationships, Adolescent Girls, Anorexia Nervosa, Body Image, Child Abuse & Drug Addiction, Eating Disorder, Eating Disorders, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Uncategorized, Women |

Severe childhood abuse suffered by girls during childhood may be linked to a subsequent food addiction, new research suggests. Women who have experienced physical or sexual abuse during childhood are much more likely to have a food addiction as adults than who women who did not experience childhood abuse. National surveys have indicated that more than one third of American women experience some form of physical or sexual abuse before they reached the age 18. Also, this childhood abuse has...

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Eating Disorders amongst Adolescent Girls

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“I was in the hospital with feeding tubes in me. I had just had a heart attack. My only thought was ‘If I die, at least I’ll die skinny.’ I was twelve.” Those are the words from a friend of mine who has been dealing with an eating disorder since she was a very young girl. I ask her if she remembers how it started. “I was 11 in the summer visiting my grandmother and there really wasn’t a specific event or anything.  I just looked in magazines and was into fashion, celebrities,...

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