5 reasons women relapse

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5 Reasons Women Relapse

From my own personal experience with relapse I can tell you that for me there are now defining reasons someone relapses. A relapse can happen at any time regardless of what is going on if you are progressing in your own recovery. With that said though, there are some things that happen right before my relapse that kind of give away the fact that I am digressing and not progressing. Most of the time, one of the biggest reasons I relapse has to do with men. And with that we are going to start our article: 5 reasons women relapse.

  1. Getting into a relationship too soon

I’ve seen both men and women relapse because they got into romantic relationships too soon. Women more often than not though tend to find themselves in a relationship way before they are ready for one. It is believed that women are more prone to this than men. One doctor states that “At a time when thinking can be clouded and emotions run high, women are at greater risk for attracting or becoming attracted to someone who is addicted, abusive or otherwise emotionally unavailable.” The scary thing about getting into a relationship too soon for women is they tend to relapse and then go straight back into that same relationship which perpetuates the negative cycle.

  1. Relationships, sex and love

This reason is very similar to the one mentioned above but doesn’t necessarily translate into getting into an exclusive relationship. Relationships, sex and love all boost a women’s self-esteem. When women are in early sobriety they tend to have very low self-worth and where do they look to get self-worth? Men. And this can translate into sleeping around, falling in love easily or getting into unhealthy relationships in order to feel fulfilled, wanted, and worthy. This can easily lead to relapse because when the guy leaves, the sex is over, or the relationship has ended; a woman is left feeling alone and worthless again.

  1. Undiagnosed Psychiatric Disorders

Over half of people struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction have what is referred to as a dual diagnosis—struggling with addiction alongside a mental health disorder, such as depression, bi-polar disorder, trauma or a personality disorder. And as a woman I know for myself, when I am feeling sad or depressed, on an emotional high or an emotional low is when I am most likely to relapse. While I am not diagnosed with any psychiatric disorders, those who are when they have intense emotions such as these it can easily lead to relapse.

  1. Not having coping strategies.

Coping strategies in recovery are very important to long term sobriety. Addicts and alcoholics tend to be emotionally immature. They never developed coping strategies to deal with stress in everyday life because they always used drugs and alcohol to manage.

  1. Family

Many women come into recovery leaving behind a family for a short amount of time to go to rehab. There can be a lot of pressure for women to go back home, too soon, which can cause them to relapse. Many times women don’t get the amount of time they need to get a strong foothold in their recovery before going back into their role as a mother and matriarch of their family. This is dangerous and can lead to relapse. The feelings of guilt associated with leaving their family can also cause a woman to relapse.


These are simply 5 reasons women relapse. Addicts and alcoholics can relapse for a multitude of reasons these just seem to be the most common among women.

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