5 Reasons for Mood Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Your Period!

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Mood Changes in Women

Mood Changes in Women

5 Reasons for Mood Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Your Period!

As women we know what it is like to have mood swings. For most of us, mood swings happen once a month around the time of our periods. These mood changes can result in crying at a hallmark commercial, irritability at all the things that you normally don’t even notice, and if you are in a relationship, lashing out at your loved one. Not to mention the want for chocolate that comes along with all of this. Believe it or not there are other reasons for mood changes that have nothing to do with your period! Here are 5 reasons for mood changes that have nothing to do with your period!

1.       Your Diet

According to the Mayo Clinic, nutrition may have a direct effect on your mood! It is also known that there is a connection between your blood sugar level and your mood changes. So what does this mean? Foods that cause rapid spikes in blood sugar can lead to better moods and higher energy initially but these foods that cause spikes in blood sugar can also cause low blood sugar when they are gone. This drop in blood sugar can result in low energy and low mood. So what should you do? It means if you have a stable diet, filled with healthy foods you will have a stable mood. Any diet that is unstable could have an unstable effect on your mood. Eating a diet filled with whole grains, fresh veggies and lean protein will provide you with energy and nutrients at a stable level while also stabilizing your mood.

2.       Stress

Ah, stress. This is why it is imperative for us women to take time for ourselves when we can. Today’s daily life can be extremely stressful and this can be one of the reasons for mood changes that have nothing to do with your period. Stress produces chemicals in your brain that are known as “fight or flight” or chemicals. Chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol can be harmful to the body and cause more serious emotional problems. The release of these chemicals can cause someone to have mood changes that include irritability and depression. In order to combat stress, try some deep breathing, meditation, a yoga class, a hobby you enjoy etc.

3.       Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can have a serious effect on your mood. You probably already knew that how much sleep you get can affect your mood by thinking of that night you stayed up way too late and had to work the next day. Studies have shown that even some sleep deprivation has a significant effect on your mood. Not enough sleep can cause an increase in anxiety, stress, agitation and exaggerated responses to stressors.  So makes sure to get enough Z’s at night.

4.       Depression

We’re not really talking about severe or manic depression because those are psychiatric disorders. But mild depression is known to be one of the reasons for mood swings. Depression can cause lethargy, withdrawal from life, loss of appetite, and fatigue. All of these things of course can cause you to have mood changes. You may find yourself sad about nothing really at all or that you feel like something is wrong when nothing is really wrong and this can cause mood changes. The best way to deal with depression is try and start living a healthier lifestyle while also talking to your doctor.

5.       Dehydration

A study written in the Journal of Nutrition found that dehydration was one of the key ingredients in causing headaches, loss of focus, fatigue and low mood.  In the study the women weren’t severely dehydrated either they were just about 1 percent lower than their optimal hydration levels. Dehydration leads to fatigue, confusion, and a negative mood among young female athletes according to a 2009 study don’t by Tufts University. So next time you find yourself getting moody or having mood changes don’t think it is your period, ask yourself, “have I had enough water today?” Make sure to drink lots of water because even 1 percent lower than optimal hydration can cause mood changes. Figure out how much water you should be drinking each day and do it! Drinking enough water is good for your body and staying properly hydrated keeps your body’s temperature regulated, helps in digestion and helps to remove waste!

So the next time you feel like ripping your hair out or your coworkers head off . . . well maybe it is one of these 5 reasons for mood changes that have nothing to do with your period. Hey, look at this way, no you just have 5 more excuses for crying during that Lifetime movie.









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