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5 Reasons for Mood Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Your Period!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2013 in Mood, Women |

5 Reasons for Mood Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Your Period! As women we know what it is like to have mood swings. For most of us, mood swings happen once a month around the time of our periods. These mood changes can result in crying at a hallmark commercial, irritability at all the things that you normally don’t even notice, and if you are in a relationship, lashing out at your loved one. Not to mention the want for chocolate that comes along with all of this. Believe it or not...

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Women and Mental Illness

Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in Mental Illness |

  Women and Mental Illness Overall, the rates of mental illness between men and women are roughly the same. However, mental illness symptoms can present in different ways in men and women. Women also are more prone to certain mental illnesses, while others are more common in men.  For example, major depression is more common, and men are twice as likely to become dependent on alcohol. Women and Mental Illness: Perinatal Mental Illness Some mental illnesses occur exclusively in women....

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How to manage your time in recovery

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Recovery, Time Management |

In recovery we begin to learn how to manage our lives, we go from unmanageability to manageability. Once of the most important ways to manage your life is to manage your time in recovery. This is can be hard for you to do because when you were using your life was total chaos. One of the biggest reasons for that chaos was disorganization and unmanaged time. But it is never too late to get organized and manage your time especially now that you are sober and happy! Here is how to manage your time...

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