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Sexual Abuse and Alcohol

Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Alcohol, Sexual Abuse |

Sexual Abuse and Alcohol Working in the addiction treatment industry, I’d heard a lot about sexual abuse. Usually, I’d hear from the victims. It seemed like an inordinately large number of drug addicts and alcoholics had endured sexual abuse at some time. Either the sexual abuse had happened early, and the guilt and shame had fueled the addiction, or they had ended up in unsafe situations during their addiction. Very rarely you would hear about sexual abuse from the perpetrator, but the...

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HIV Amongst Women

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in HIV |

  HIV amongst women When HIV gets brought up in any capacity there is never usually a lot of talk about women. The talk about HIV has been for a long time about men and more specifically gay men. But HIV is amongst women. In fact 24% of all diagnosed HIV infections in the United States were within women. 3 years ago there was an estimated 11,200 new HIV infections among women in the United States. Women comprised of 51% of the U.S population at that time and 23% of those newly infected...

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