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Myths about sexual abuse

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Sexual Abuse |

Myth about child sexual abuse: The total stranger represents the greatest potential danger to the child. REALITY: In reality, these offenders account for less than 25% of the cases. Children are sexually abused or assaulted four out of five times by a person known to them. This person might be their parent, step parent, parent’s boyfriend, sibling, other relative, and neighbor, friend of the family, classmate, babysitter, landlord, doctor, teacher or preacher. Myth about child sexual...

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Learning to love your body in recovery

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Body Image |

Learning to love your body in recovery Learning to love my body was something I struggled with in early recovery. After years of abuse and neglect, my body did not look or feel like I wanted it to when I first got sober. In my addiction, I had a sense of disgust towards myself that did not go away just because I put down the drugs. Add to that the fact that I gained back the weight I had lost to drugs and more. My disgust turned to hatred, and it was hard to even look at myself in the...

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