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Women’s Treatment Center is beautiful and serene environment providing the ideal atmosphere for change. Our facility is structured as a combination of a 12-Step model integrated with a variety of innovative and state-of-the-art women’s treatment strategies.


We recognize the value of established and innovative treatment programs designed to meet the special needs of addicted women, we also firmly believe that each individual plan must be personalized to address specific issues like co-existing

Treatment Programs

Addiction is a multi-layered problem, and we provide a multi-layered solution; recovery is a process, not an event! At Women’s Treatment Center, our mission is to provide you with a safe, professionally-supervised period of detoxification that purges


The grounds and structures are continually inspected by representatives of many state and federal agencies. Drug detoxification and treatment facilities are among the most carefully scrutinized sites and programs in the

"One of the most successful women’s treatment centers in florida with top rated drug alcohol treatment programs at a fraction of the price of other centers."

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Our Facilities

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Gender specific group meetings

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